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System Engineering

accomtec has years of experience helping customers design, implement, migrate and re-engineer networking technologies. At Accomtec, we understand the importance of delivering solutions within budgetary demands and managing IT projects on a timely basis. Accomtec employs professional resources to ensure that you, the customer, have the right resource available to assist you in implementing technology solutions. Manufacturer certification, proven methodologies and technical experience are the keys to our success in helping our customers take advantage of rapidly changing technologies. Accomtec’s System Engineering Group provides these key services:

Consulting Services

In today’s complex IT environments companies are challenged with deploying new technologies while still maintaining their business. Let Accomtec Consulting Services assure you of a smooth implementation from start to finish. Accomtec has experienced consultants to manage your technology implementations. Accomtec Consulting Services include:

  • Business Alignment
  • Identification of Technology Enablers
  • Current State Assessments
  • Define Future State of Technology
  • Architecture Planning
  • Transition Planning
  • Impact Analysis
  • Design and Implementation Cost Estimate

Network Design Consulting Services

Rapid changes in technology make it difficult for companies to decide what products will integrate with their current network infrastructure. Accomtec’s Network Design Consulting team can assist you in the following areas of expertise:

  • Assessments of Current Network Environment
  • Outline Functional Requirements
  • Develop Multi-Vendor Network Integration Plans
  • Develop Request for Proposals
  • Develop Network Documentation
  • Implementation Plan for Deployment

Network Implementation

Manufacturer’s certification and 15 years of network implementation makes Accomtec the right company to install your new network. Our team of experts has installed thousands of networks over the years. A Accomtec certified Engineer can assist you with:

  • Product Procurement Analysis
  • Installation and Configuration
  • Addressing
  • Project Management
  • Integration with Management Platforms
  • Network OS Installations
  • Network OS Migrations
  • Enterprise Messaging Services and Migration
  • Router/Switch Configuration
  • Remote Dial-In Solutions
  • Thin Client Technologies
  • Asset Management
  • Help Desk

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