Software & System Configuration Services

  • Windows System Implementation
    Comprehensive on-site system implementation for your Windows OS-based system
  • Windows Cluster Implementation
    On-site system implementation for your Cluster system
  • accomtec Network and Interoperability Implementation
    Installation, configuration and testing of network software for your Windows OS-based systems
  • Operating System Upgrade Services
    Installation and upgrade of your Windows operating systems and accomtec applications
  • accomtec System Disk Upgrade Service
    Ensure optimum high-availability of your system with a larger capacity hard disk
  • Storage Area Network (SAN) Implementation
    Customized, optimally configured solutions for your storage environment
  • Data Storage Implementation
    Optimize data retrieval and throughput performance
  • High-Availability Software Implementation
    Cost effective, high availability solution for around-the-clock access to critical data

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