Why accomtec?

You need more than space and racks in a data center.

At accomtec, we deliver a welcome level of proven reliability. Through our “hi touch” approach, we offer our clients a combination of business acumen and technical expertise that your business can never exhaust. Our people are the best of the best, both behind the scenes and on the front lines. And they have one objective: to keep your business running, consistently and securely.

Experience the Hi-Touch Difference

With us, your infrastructure, applications and systems are maintained by certified experts with the experience to make your environment meet and exceed the constantly changing demands of users and customers.

Always On.

At accomtec, downtime is not an option. Our expertise and power are available every second of every day to support your IT, which supports your customers. Which supports your company.

Because failure is not an option.

Supporting your mission-critical applications is not a promise; it’s a way of life. In today’s market, you’ve got enough to worry about – competition, R & D, customer acquisition, retention, financial targets and more. IT should accelerate your business, not place it at risk. At accomtec, our data centers are designed to ensure your success. Redundancy and redoubling our efforts at every level in everything we do gives you the confidence of knowing that your network will never go down.

On the most critical of missions. Yours.

Your company’s mission-critical platform. Your data, your email, e-commerce, servers, the Internet, your need for scalability, and the quiet confidence that these essential operations at your business will run uninterrupted. That’s our mission at accomtec.

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